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So, if you made it to this page, then you are either really bored, or you must be interested in learning more about life insurance and annuities. I hope you are not bored because if you are this website probably didn’t help much but if you are interested in learning more about life insurance and annuities, then I am glad you stopped by.


Join my email list, connect with me on social media, get on my calendar and let’s do this thing together. Whether you just have a few questions you need answered or you already know you need to get a life insurance policy or annuity in place, let’s connect. Don’t delay. Waiting to schedule an appointment is the number one mistake you could make. Book an appointment now. You will be glad you did.

Let’s set up a time to talk as soon as possible, and let’s put a plan in place that works best for you.

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I really want to be your agent for life insurance and annuities (please don’t make me beg, I will if I have to but I’d rather not). Remember I work for you (and my beautiful wife) not the insurance companies. So, let me get to work for you today so I can put “life into your insurance and insurance into your life” (that’s a pretty cool tag line isn’t it).

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